Bose A20 Aviation Headset


This headset is hands down the best choice. It is TSO approved (Technical Standard Orders), which means that it is approved to be used in part 121 and 135 operations. The quiet and clarity are unmatched. A 10-year/10,000 hour hearing study has proven that these headsets will prevent noticeable hearing loss in all frequency ranges while flying both piston and turbine helicopters. There is no better place to invest than yourself.



No other active noise canceling headset offers this combination of features and benefits

No matter why you fly, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is engineered to improve the experience. It provides acclaimed noise reduction and clear audio with active equalization. Plus, a comfortable fit with minimal clamping force that makes even your longest flights more enjoyable. Features for this model include a high-performance electret microphone with a Bluetooth audio and communications interface, wired audio input, customizable audio prioritization and intuitive operation for plug-and-fly convenience.

  • 30% greater active noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets
  • 30% less clamping force than conventional aviation headsets
  • Clear audio with active equalization
  • Now with Bluetooth audio and communications interface for connectivity with your communications and navigation devices
  • Customizable audio prioritization control lets you mute an audio signal when receiving a communication, or mix the two together


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