Travel Shave Brush


A clean shave is mandatory for the job, and now you don’t have to sacrifice a luxury shave while on the road. If you travel as much as a pilot, you’ll want this shave brush. Combine it with the Blades Grim Smolder Shave Soap and experience the best shave of your life.



  • Silky soft, no smell, don’t shedding, no animals were harmed for the shave brush
  • Faux badger brush works well with all kinds shaving soaps as well as any shaving foams, gels or creams, could generate rich and fine lather
  • Rinses easily: dry almost immediately after rinsing and shaking it two or three times, perfect for traveling
  • Perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers looking
  • Lifetime Quality Guarantee! Simple, fast, fashionable shaving, make your life exquisite from face! Package Includes: 1 x Shaving Brush; 1 x Package Box


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